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I am NOT trying to sell you anything.

TAKING money from you has nothing to do with what this list is about.

Offering you the ability to MAKE money, is.

This is an invitation from me, Mike Merz, to join a group of successful Online marketers that are interested in buzz worthy, ground floor affiliate joint venture proposals ... and making money.


"Hi Mike,

Jumped on it in a heartbeat. ;)"

Ewen Chia


I have worked in the capacity of affiliate JV broker and affiliate manager for Online Marketers that you've no doubt heard of ...

Mark Joyner, John Reese, Frank Kern, Alice Seba, Mike Filsaime, NitroMarketing, Joe Vitale, Becky Hagel, and others.

A few of the campaigns I am currently or soon to be working on involve the likes of Neil Shearing, Michael Cheney, Sam Heyer, and more.

I'm not bragging ... these are factual examples of the level of marketer that I've been working with.

I'd like you to be part this ... by signing up via the form below to join this exclusive group of Online professionals.


"Hey Mike,

I love it

I sent an email to Michael Rasmussen, Gary Ambrose, and Russell Brunson as well ...

Way to go!

Mike Filsaime


But this is important ... please do NOT join this list if:

1) You DO NOT want to receive occasional ground floor JV affiliate partner offerings from fellow list members, all of which MUST offer exclusive perks (higher commissions, comp copies, etc.) ... and go through me before they are approved.

2) You DO NOT want the opportunity to work with me and the members of this list to promote products and services of your own (ALL of my future affiliate brokering clients will be required to join this list).

3) You DO NOT believe you have the ability at this time to make multiple sales as a JV affiliate partner. It is absolutely essential that you are able to sell if you want to remain on this list ... it's only fair. I DON'T expect you to convert like Mark Joyner, Ewen Chia, Alice Seba, Mike Filsaime, or John Reese ... but I DO expect results from the campaigns you wish to participate in.

The Affiliate Joint Venture proposals you receive will be from fellow list members, ONLY ... and each will be reviewed by me, personally, for quality assurance ... BEFORE it reaches your inbox.


"Hey Mike,

I just joined your Joint Venture List and it could not have come at a better time. I'm just preparing to launch my "Instant Ebook Author" JV and know your service will provide a faster and better way in finding JV partners.
You always bring the best and most genuine joint ventures to me.
So I look forward to your JV notices and building more business relationships with other like minded marketers."

Michael Rasmussen


I've been asked ...

"Hey, Mike! Why aren't you charging $40, $50, or more ... per month ... or asking fellow members to pay a fee to have their promotion posted? ... what's the method to your madness?"


I have 3 parties involved here ... the merchant member, the JV affiliate member, ... and myself.

The merchant wins ... by leveraging the power of a group of proven sellers. As long as they take care of their end ... by offering a quality product/service ... and following up with good customer and affiliate support ... they stand to make out very well.

The JV affiliate wins ... by being fed exclusive ground floor offers, enjoying higher commissions than the average affiliate, and/or complimentary copies for review to make their promotions even more effective. The proven seller should be taken care of ... and I make sure they are.

... and, of course, I win ... by picking up a broker's fee.

That's what it's all about ... EVERYBODY wins!

And as this list GROWS ... it's value grows along with it.

Therefore it remains FREE to join ... forever, as it's self perpetuating.


"Hey Mike,

Great stuff my friend - I like it.

The combined resources of the group cannot fail to bring in some spectacular results.

Looking forward to hearing from you."

Joe Robson


But That's Not All This Joint Venture Partner List Is About ...

TRUE joint ventures are NOT one shot deals ... they're about creating and nurturing ongoing relationships.

Every joint venture partner on this list will be commissioned their own profile box on a member's only networking page, allowing JV Notify Pro partners the ability to network with each other to build long lasting relationships of mutual reward.

But ... PLEASE ... understand ONE thing.

I hold the right to unsubscribe any member of this group that lowers themselves and the integrity of this exclusive list by either SPAMMING, using any other method of illegal promotion ... or it's reported to me that a member is not producing consistently.

Of course ... we all have unproductive streaks, for a number of different reasons ... I will interact with a member on the bubble a fair number of times before I finally let them go.

This is a list of DOERS ... not WANNABES ... nor SLACKERS.

Up to the challenge?

Then I invite you to join us ... by registering on the following page.


You will receive a confirmation email ... and welcome message.

You will NOT receive another email from this list until the next affiliate joint venture proposal ... and you need only respond to offers you choose to participate in.

And these offers are far from the overzealous, hype ridden type that fill your inboxes on a daily basis ... they're the kind that create a buzz because of the names and reputations attached to them.


Hi Mike

I checked JV Notify Pro out - it's a 'no-brainer'.

I got in straight away.


Gary Durkin


And now you can get on the ground floor of these hand picked affiliate joint ventures, AND grab special perks that nobody else has access to.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you wish to schedule a future promotion, simply email me.

As this list grows ... so will the benefits derived from being a member of it. ;)


Hi Mike,

I look forward to working with you and the others. :)

I agree with one of the other Marketers...This system will make
it easier to find the right "JV Partners" for our sites or products!

In His Grip!
Kimberly Gordon
Author "A JV With Jesus"


To our success,

Mike Merz
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